MicroMaterials Conference "MicroMat 2000"

Berlin, April 17 - 19 , 2000

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Review of MicroMaterials 2000

The Micro Materials 2000 was the third congress organized by the Fraunhofer institute IZM together with the German Association for Materials Research and Testing(DVM) in the field of materials research and materials applications to microsystem technology and microelectronics. After the very successful conferences in 1995 and 1997 this conference was held again on an international level. In response to the call for papers the International Program Committee received more than 350 papers submitted from 45 countries.
The understanding of materials problems in microelectronics and microsystem technologies applications has advanced considerably in recent years. But there are many questions and new trends which need to be dealt with.
The aim of this third congress was to identify and highlight the progress achieved since the MicroMat '97 concerning mainly the different fields of micro materials applications and bring together specialists from all over the world to discuss the recent trends. Because there has been abserved a considerable interest in micromaterials characterization the MicroMat organizers have invited outstanding scientists and engineers to deliver plenary and key-note lectures in different fields of materials testing and simulation.
In addition to the plenary lectures, invited session and key-note session lectures, the program covered various topics of the conference with 260 oral and about 70 poster presentations.
The proceedings of the congress should be of interest to researchers and engineers from companies, research institutes and universities who are working on various problems of materials applications in microtechnologies and microelectronics. The conference topics cover the fields of materials applications in automotive electronics, micromechatronics, high temperature electronics, semiconductor and telecommunication industries and other branches applying advanced microtechnologies.
On behalf of the Program Committee we would like to wish you a pleasent study of the conference proceedings - and we are looking forward to meeting you at the next Micro Materials conference.

H. Reichl
Head of the Fraunhofer Institute IZM Berlin

B. Michel     H.-J. Fecht    M. Werner
Conference Chairmen

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