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4th International Conference on Micro Materials and Nano Materials
"MicroMat 2004"

Berlin / April 4 - 7 , 2004

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1. Experimental Characterization Techniques (Optical and Laser Techniques, Acoustic Methods, Thermography, Magnetic Testing, STM, AFM, UFM, microDAC, X-Ray Microscopy, Tomography)
2. Microdeformation Analysis (Digital Image Correlation, microDAC, nanoDAC, SEM Moiré, Micro Raman Spectroscopy)
3.  Thermo-mechanical Simulation of Microcomponents and Microsystems
4. Thermal Characterization (Thermal Management, Electronics Cooling, Thermal Conductivity, Heat Transfer)
5. Nanomaterials – Nano Simulation and Testing
6. Downscaling of Material Properties, Interfacial Relations between Micromaterials and Nanomaterials
7. Stress and Strain in Thin Layers and Films
8. Advanced Mechanical Testing (Indentation Tests, DMA, Micro Tensile Testing, Internal Stress Analysis, ...)
9. Materials Parameters and Constitutive Behavior (Semiconductors, Ceramics, Polymers, Solders, Metallizations, Thin Films)
10. Electronic Packaging Materials (for CSP, BGA, Flip Chip, COF, WL-CSP, ...)
11. Photonics and Optoelectronics Materials Issues
12. Materials Aspects of PCB and HDI-substrates
13. Interfaces and Interface Reactions
14. Interconnection and Assembly Technologies (Bonding, Bumping, Microsoldering, Microforming, Etching, Laser Treatment)
15. Ultraprecision Manufacturing of Micro and Nano Components
16. Simulation of Micro and Nano Materials (Simulation Tools, Design, Applications, Relations between Simulation and Experiment, Parametrized FE Models, Global vs. Local Modeling, Continuum vs. Lattice Modeling)
17. Micro and Nano Reliability
18. Crack and Fracture (Crack Detection, Prediction and Prevention, Failure Criteria, Fracture Electronics)
19. Damage, Failure Modeling (e.g. Creep Damage, Damage Accumulation, Life Time)
20. Accelerated Testing
21. Probabilistic and Stochastic Methods

During the MicroMat 2004 also the following special event will be held:

Berlin 6M TV Tower Workshop


Micro Mechatronics – Micro Materials – Micro Mechanics



1st Materials Aspects for Microfabrication and Modular Microsystem Technology
2nd Nondestructive Testing of Micro Materials and Microcomponents
3rd Micro- and NanoProbe Techniques
4th Materials for Micro Security and Homeland Security Applications
5th Micro Materials for Adaptronics
6th Polymeric Materials for Electronics (Polytronics)
7th Micro and Nano Materials for High Temperature Electronics
8th Software Tools for MST Applications and Databanks
9th Aspects of Recycling and Environmental Engineering
10th Micro Materials Special Applications in the Fields of
- Sensors and Actuator Materials (MEMS, MOEMS,   MoMEMS, NEMS, ...)
- Automotive
- Telecommunication
- Medical and Biological Products
- Harsh Environment
- Consumer Electronics
11th Micro and Nano Materials in Education

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